Friday August 6th 2004

OK still waiting on the contest results. that page will udpate once I get it.

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Today was Sport Scale and PMC and it was INCREDIBLE !!! the sky was GORGEOUS (although it was a bit windy) from a photographers angle it was nothing short of perfection !! gorgeous pure blue with puffly clouds to spice things up. NO CONTRAST AND EXPOSURE ISSUES !! every picture is about as perfect as it gets !! its a dream Friday :-)

No time to make it tidy so here is EVERYTHING ! 6 pages of models and a very very sad end to Georges Orbital Sky Dart (well temporary end) and then 9 pages of awards ceremony pictures. Video is too huge it will NOT be uploade ( raw its 1.58 GB ! so compressed it would still be over 200 meg !) I may do some clips like the big awards and the midwest qualified etc.. we will see depends on how small they compress while still being viewable. Vern and Gleda was honored tonight I will definately compress that and put it up (later once I get home)

The sky was so pretty (its crude but nice) I put together another quick and dirty Panaramic ! Once again first mazimize your browser and click the small image below.

On to the pics !!! Not much commentary right now. I will add more later !

Utterly AMAZING model !!

Oddly this is GOOD news !! there was almost NO damage all detached parts disconnected on existing connection points IE nothing broke on landing just seperated. He was EXSTATIC (literally) about it ! it was quite amazing !