Sunday August 1st 2004

HUGE update. hope you all have broadband :-)

MANY pages to ease the load.

Bonus. want to hear the Competitors Briefing ? (sorry the Video was 800meg !) even if I compressed to watchable divx it would be 150mb at least ! Here is a 7MB mp3 :-)

01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - Scale01 - Scale02 - Scale03 - Scale04 - Vids

Rob Edmonds flew in from Oshkosh today. He is running the Imagination Celebration fun event at Naram this year ! its where you make something "creative" and exciting in the sky etc.. a kind of let your imagination run wild kind of event.

Rob and George Gassaway (george has his C powered stingray RCRG Rocket Glider)

The Ogami (Andromeda Sci-Fi show) entry.

Mirv Griphon

A Flying Spinning Launch pad (VERY cool flight)


Not an entry but pretty cool looking

Taking over to run the fun event :-)

RSO making sure all is well and running smoothly.

Almost got it in the air camera too slow :-) Georges C engine rocket glider landing (well ok "landed" :-)

AWESOME !! Nuff Said!

Nice Looking model !

AWESOME Diarama that the rocket LAUNCHES from !

Massive Glider. 2 E9 cluster with an E9 Airstart.

Will be an entry on wednesday. got some bugs to work out ! Cool Idea !

LCO Launch Control Officer.

YES it was VERY VERY Nasty hot and humid today !

Pad Assignment