Wednesday August 4th 2004

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LOTS of pictures today and some really nice videos as well.

Some of these pages are bigger than normal. I needed to break up the site in parts to keep it chronological. so some will have 25 of so images per page instead of the normal 20 - this should not add that much to the time for download for each page etc..

Today we had sport flying. we also had the picnic/bbq. The Imagination Celebration event. The manufacturers forum and the Competition flying. Competition flying was B Altitude Payload and D Egg Loft Altitude (C for A and B divisioners)

I DID NOT take any flight shots of competition models. its just not worth it. these are very plain vanilla models (Altitude events) and they are VERY VERY tiny and fast. imagine trying to capture a mosquito with a camera. you could take 100 shots and maybe get 10 and in those ten you would see this tiny few pixels blur :-)

so first up the contest shots. Took lots of shots of modellers etc. and also Thomas helped out with some pictures. he got some engine ignition shots that are actually quite nice ! Great job thomas and thanks for helping out Naram Live !

Contest Results - Egg Loft Altitude - Payload Altitude

The Rest of these Contest Pictures were Taken by Thomas Pastrick ! Thanks !