Ok Monday is here. The start of competition.  Today's events were E Streamer and 1/4A Boost Glider. Let me tell you I have a VERY fast finger/eye as can be attested to by the pictures on this site but capturing these models is a very serious pain in the posterior :-) I got more smoke trails than I am going to admit to you all :-) I did manage to catch a few of the models and the pictures are below. I also managed to get some spectacular sport range pictures. I impressed myself. I figure I got lucky and had a really good day. Until the end of the day (short showers but we were closing up anyway) the sky was GREAT for taking pictures but ohh soo hot !

Here is a link to a separate page for the Contest Results for today (Monday) !!

There are 4 pages of pictures and no Videos. (the video is nearly 2gig in size (town meeting) so no I am not going to try to post it :-)

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First up. Pictures of E Streamer & 1/4A Boost Glider events.

We actually had a THEFT last night. Apparently someone broke into 2 U-Haul trailors that contestants had left on the filed. The locks were picked/broken and Motors Hardware and tables and model boxes etc.. were stolen !! I hope they catch him/her/them and hand them over to us so we can see how far a motor can fit up you know where.

Safety and Model Check-In

Then its onto Pad Assignment

Then its time to pick some good air and get in your flight

Then bring the model back after recovery to get marked as returned if the flight was qualified. Whenever you heard a woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh from a looping E9 you knew no return was needed :-)

George Gassaway readying his 3rd Place winning flight !!

The LCO. The joy of pushing the woosh generator button :-) Cool job !

RSO Decides all. He controls the field and keeps everything running smoothly and more importantly Keeps everything running safely.

Rob Edmonds new Mini Deltie was a cool show and performed very well.
Oddly enough even the normal delties performed wonderfully!

Grrr I got you you little bugger.


01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - Contest