August 3rd 2006

Well sadly I now know what happens if I try to do any significant flying. I don't get many pictures :-( the Flying time was so short (nothing really flies till 7am really and we end at 1130) that I had not gotten any contest pictures :-( SD was no big deal but I wanted some helicopter stuff :-(

I have 2 pages of Sport stuff and 3 New videos. I put a camera on a Boost Glider (Foamy) and Thomas Beach flew his camera on a Maniac with E-15 power and a 2 Stage Omega flight

I did not have time to get all the R&D reports at all. I did manage to get Bumbling Brothers (messed up the beginning) and Southern Neutron (the 2 Team Entries)

I also have all the SCALE and FANTASY Models as well as the Kitbsh Models



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