July 28th 2006

Ok On the airplane at 0600 Friday Morning in Philadelphia

Take off and climbing to cruising altitude

Here is a Video of the Takeoff. its HUGE I have not found a usable way to compress this video yet so this is raw from the camcorder. almost 50MB !!! - I will work on a way to compress this more.

I just Love these views. They are simply stunning. Gorgeous Scenery from 30,000ft

Amazing Clouds as we descend lower on approach to Houston for my connecting flight.

Not far now to the Houston Airport.

Landed ! Look how those wings split up (airbrakes)

Another Continental flight at Houston.

A neat river scene on the way to Phoenix.

Coming in for a landing in Phoenix AZ - I don't have many more pics they came out lousy. unlike the first leg of my flight this aircraft (same model) had viscious nasty dirty windows that ruined all my pictures. This one took quite a bit of Editing to make it usable :-( pitty too since the view of Phoenix is like something right out of Sim City or Civilation. you have these amazingly neat look chunks of mankind and then RIGHT there on the edges and instant transition to pure raw moonscape like Nature. IT was quite fascinating to look at. I hate dirty windows :-)

The Lobby to the Hotel !

George Gassaway - Mark Bundick and Stewart McNabb were in the lobby so the 4 of us went out for some food :-)

George contemplating in our room.

Filling up on goodies at walmart. My Gadget station in our room where I will be creating this site from.

More Pictures tommorrow !!