July 29th 2006

I am in a huge crunch. I have to get some of this update online or I will get too far behind but I also have to get ready for the Night Launch in an hour. So here are some pics from today and Video !! (the videos are HUGE for there length about 1.1mb PER second) you also need a pretty beefy computer to play them so if they are choppy thats why. I am still working on a way to compress them without making them look nasty :-)

I had so little time I did not even get to post the above before we left. I did manage to get the images edited which makes updating the site tonight possible !! this is a huge update simply because of the video and I took more pictures than I thought I had :-)

I only got a few nightshot images because I was trying to prep and fly my rockets (I brought some night flyers with me) Alas this shows me what will happen if I fly heavily and try to take pictures as well. IE the pictures sadly suffer. What is worse is the night shots are AMAZING !! I had never even tried to take night shots before but they are just stunning ! George Gassaway also shot some night shots (most of them in fact) and has let me use them for Naramlive !! some of them are simply stunning ! I can't wait till the next night launch.

I just don't have time or energy to make a really nice layout tonight.! So I am apologizing now these pages are going to be NASTY to you if you don't have a fat pipe !! I will break it up into a few pages otherwise they would be immense even for broadband (some of the pictures are VERY tall pixel wise even if small in Kilobyte size.

Its a total of about 20mb of pictures heavily compressed ! and nearly 250mb of video ! If you have less than a 1ghz machine you may have trouble playing these videos ! they are VERY large and VERY high resolution and bit rate. Good news is they look amazing bad news is there huge and processor intensive to playback.

Let me know what you think I REALLY like feedback :-)

I am going to try and MIX in the Videos where applicable anything that does not fit with a still shot will be on the last page

Pictures of the Launch Range (Video Pan 20mb)

I attached my multipod to this airplane.

One of our many "Visitors" who drop in for a show not seeming to realize that we can not fly while they are close so no show :-)

The Electric Plane (Video 9mb)

Nice Rocket - Hoep he is proud it was a nice flight

I love them Redlines. Up and Down shots.

All the way down now :-)

Look at the size of them flames !!

Prep Prep

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