July 30th 2014

Today was cut short by rain. I only got a few pictures (we only had open range for a bit over 90 minutes or so) Closed till 1230 weather still bad close till 3 still bad canceled. the rain let up but the ceiling was so low the helicopter models were punching the clouds.

so it will be compressed into thursday and friday.

The pics I did get are nice though :-) also the first 30 pics are from The Auction the night before.

R&D for C&T was streamed live and the recordings are uploading to youtube now. they will take well into tomorrow to finish however at 13.6gb total file size :-) I will label them later.


I tried something new here. I like linking directly to the images. they "auto" scale to fit the browser and you can click them for full size (at least in firefox they do)

but you have to hit back to then goto the next image. This time they goto an html page for each image. they all load full screen so you have to scroll to see the vertical ones but you can just hit next image to goto the next image.

Let me know which way you prefer.