July 27th 2014

Good flying weather today though the winds picked up toward the end.

Got some nice pictures and a new pet. I get up from my tablet to goto the side door of my van and rattle rattle rattle. Rattlesnake!

Shows where my priorities lie. I scream OH SHIT jump backwards then still screaming who wants a picture of a rattle snake. Run for the camera :-)

300mm lens I am not getting close to this thing. Very cool but very dangerous.

SO I tape my phone (4k video baby) to the end of a pole :-) oh yeah. I am getting me some close up video (pics with the rocket pics video is uploading :-)

No evening events tonight. just contestants briefing which I don't bother attending. I will get pics from scale turn in as usual :-)

Today's Pictures

Scale Turn in First 13 pictures are from the museum display voting
The rest are what had so far been turned in for GSS and CSS