Juky 28th 2011

Today was C Egg and C Rocket Glider

I got some reall sweet close in shots of some egg and glider models. (I love non pistoned C6's they are very predictable and "shootable" with tight zoom)

I also got pictures from George Gassaway & Don Fent !! thanks guys I really appreciate it

Massive shout out to Tom from Carlisle PA. saved my but. since the dimwit (lady from ohio) wrecked my trailer I had no idea how I was going to get all my gear home. he agreed to try and take what I can't fit including the expensive wooden deck from my trailer so when I get a new trailer I will have the deck. now I just need to make a short hope to Harrisburg (2 hours from me)

Here are my Pictures for today.

Here are the Video's