July 26th 2011

Today was Micro Maxx (1/8th A) Streamer Multi Round and 1/2 A Altitude

Your going to see a lot of "less than clear" to outright blury images.

Keep in mind these are rockets taking off at extreme acceleration for their size and they are about as big around as a PENCIL and half as long as said pencil.

IE really really tiny rockets. in order to get usable images I had to use the lower quality Casio sensor (but high speed capable) and I had to ZOOM in much much further greatly shortening my "field of view" actionable zone.

Even at 1/2000th of a second and 30 to 60 fps it was VERY hard to capture these models and even when I did they were still blurry.

later I found I had to accept the much lower quality of increasing ISO to permit me to use 1/6400th 1/8000 and even 1/10000th of a second to let me get "somewhat" clear images.

but the few that DID come our clear are quite awesome looking when you consider its a 6mm diameter rocket 2-6 inches long :-)

Here are the Daytime pictures and the Auction pictures.

Video's will be online soon

I also broke up the AUCTION videos into 15minute chunks so I could upload them as well.