August 2nd 2010
01 - Evening Events - Contest

Today was a little slower on the pics. I never even made it over to the contest range. I shot some sport range shot some recovering models (finally have a long lens good enough to get them) and I did my L1 Certification flight (success!!) and mostly finished my L2 rocket (pics coming soon)

I was going to spend the last coupe hours at the contest range (flights were sparse for most of the day) but a large storm system with ligntning rolled in so we evacuated :-) hehe

I got a few onboard glider vidoes and off course onboard video from my certification flight. Those will be online later tonight (have to goto the loby to make this update)

Below these pictures are some pics I grabbed from the video camera I sent up on my electric glider.

CIMG6602.JPG CIMG6605.JPG CIMG6608.JPG Metal Storm Motor
CIMG6829.JPG My successful Level 1 high power certification flight. Got good video from it as well! Stinking autofocus did not quite lock in right My Cert flight landing 50 feet from the pad from 1214 feet at apogee.
Deusce CIMG6949.JPG Steve Schowiak prepping his model CIMG6951.JPG
IMG_7690.JPG IMG_7691.JPG IMG_7693.JPG IMG_7694.JPG
IMG_7695.JPG This serries of pictures really shows how much these streamers "whip" about to generate more drag and slow the model down IMG_7697.JPG IMG_7698.JPG
IMG_7699.JPG IMG_7700.JPG IMG_7702.JPG IMG_7703.JPG
IMG_7704.JPG IMG_7705.JPG IMG_7706.JPG IMG_7707.JPG
Single Deuce :-) IMG_7710.JPG IMG_7712.JPG IMG_7713.JPG
IMG_7715.JPG Some of these are blurry because the distance to the model is changing and the camera can ot adjust the focus while I am taking a series of pictures with the camera. IMG_7717.JPG IMG_7718.JPG
IMG_7720.JPG IMG_7721.JPG IMG_7722.JPG IMG_7723.JPG
Just missed it but still a cool shot IMG_7725.JPG

Here are some screen grabs from my onboard video camera on my Radian Electric Glider.
SHOT0001[18-05-17].JPG SHOT0001[18-05-47].JPG SHOT0001[18-07-25].JPG SHOT0001[18-08-01].JPG
SHOT0001[18-08-16].JPG SHOT0001[18-08-37].JPG SHOT0001[18-09-20].JPG SHOT0001[18-09-59].JPG
SHOT0001[18-10-17].JPG SHOT0001[18-11-23].JPG My Tents and Van hey! thats me :-) someone's spying on me!
SHOT0002[18-11-35].JPG SHOT0002[18-12-46].JPG SHOT0002[18-12-59].JPG SHOT0002[18-13-15].JPG
SHOT0002[18-14-05].JPG SHOT0002[18-14-29].JPG SHOT0002[18-15-41].JPG
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August 10th 2009
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