To view the videos you will need a DIVX codec available here


To help offset my costs a tiny bit I decided it would be fun to offer disc sets of the content I capture at naram. at Naram 46 I captured almost 1700 pictures and some 6 hours of video.

I put together a nice disc set for myself and a few others and realized it would not be too hard to make more to sell. so I did. it sold "ok" at Naram 47. not as good as I had hoped and not as bad as I had feared :-) So I think I will do it again for Naram 47. I took even more video and more pictures :-)

I also plan to do short runs of "exotic" kit ideas I come up with. probably only enough for Narams

People keep saying I should put up a donation page. so what the heck

I will never charge for Naram Live and I just cant bring myself to run ads on it either but if you want to donate I sure wont say no :-)

More later !