To view the videos you will need a DIVX codec available here


I have revamped the interface to Naram Live

I have also since last year upped my max pixel width from 640 to 800 this means to see this pave without any Horizontal you will need at least a screen resolution of 800pixels wide (800x600 or 800x480) if your running ME XP or Anything newer including almost any laptop you should already be at 800 wide or higher. I have chosen to finally do this because enough machines (99% of all new machines) now default to 800 wide or higher. 800 wide allows me to fit things on the screen much more comfortably and reduces vertical scrolling significantly.

Next Naram is going to be very very interesting for me. its by far the farthest Naram I will have ever travelled to and the most expensive (just in fuel costs) as its looking to be about a 5000 mile round trip!

Its going to take me at best 3 FULL days to get from my home to Naram and probably at least 4 days to get back (I never have the stamina on the way home that I do on the way out) 42 hours in driving time. I can probably go about 15 hours the first shift after that its usually 6-8 hour per shot max before I must stop and sleep. If all goes as planned I will have a small trailer to tow behind my van. this will let me have a proper sleeping accomodation at rest stops with air conditioning which should greatly enhance my "sleep periods" it will probably cause me to sleep a little longer but should result in "better quality" sleep which should let me go further per shift :-)

Google is telling me about 2475 miles (to either tucson or phoenix)

If anyone going to naram needs some stuff transported for them (such as motors) I am willing but if you want me to pick the stuff up you must be IN my path ie meet me in my path so I do not have to detour anywhere. its just too long a drive to mess with detours :-)