The pictures below are from the aucrion that occured tonight in the ramada inn. John V. our CD ran the auction. A lot of interesting things were made availble for sale such as old estes startrek kits etc,

Here are some notes from the auction.

Peter Always first book went for $35 autographed.

Amspams & Sport Rocketries went for $23 including a first edition of SR.

An old estes Saturn 1B went for a whopping $95

My Naram 43 Clocks went for $15

A North Coast G52-7 rocket engine went for $20

An unmarked pack of estes E9-4's went for $20 my day 3 video was on this motor!

Some old esres catalogs went for $36

A russian model rocket handbook went for $75 to Mark Bundick

A bag (very large one) of balsa cones, tailcones, & transitions from BMS went for $105

A Marvin Martian flag went for $50! to Tom Lyon

Peter Alway Art of scale signed for $50

A North Coast X-Wing went for $65

A 1/25th scale drawing of the X-15 VERY detailed at $65

Collectors edition Mars Snooper sold at $96

An old little joe 2 kit went for $60

Canadian Rocket Starter Set - SMI Space Model International - $45

Czech Republic plan books $65