New Site structure is now in effect.

I have figured out how to modify the templates for my thumbnail generation software to use
them "as" my pages instead of manually merging them
(what a pain) saves me 20-40 minutes of work per night which is huge :-)

SO when you click on Naramlive you get taken to a page
with the NXX Logo and the "days" on the left as usual

when you click on a "day" you goto that days images. These pages now auto generate via software with navigation etc.. built in. its not perfect but its getting their and its SOOO much faster.

to get back to the "day selection" screen just click the Blue Graphical "day" logo at the top of ANY thumbnail page and you will return to the day listing page with the NXX logo.

"MEDIA" will be at the top of usually the first page of pictures "OF" said event. (such as audio of an evening event etc..)

It used to take almost as long to generate the html pages as it did to edit the images. now the html generation portion of the site process is a few minutes. ie let the software chew it tweak it a little when done and post it.


I did not sync the clocks on the camera's and was too lazy to ex post facto sync them so the pictures while in chronological order from each camera are NOT in "overall" chronological order.

the first set of pictures are from the ground camera (usually my canon 75/300 and the SECOND set of pictures is the flight shots either the Canon 18/55 or the Casio F1)

I will work on a more efficient way of processing this chron job so that all the images will be in chronological order from start to finish. I think it looked a lot nicer like that. so the prep flight and recovery shots of each rocket were "in order"


I am working on a Naram Live "forums" to be released soon. it will be mobile compatible.