August 9th 2009
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Not as many flight shots today though the few I got are nice. It was extremely windy in excess of 15mph much of the day (its amazing more tents did not fail)

I made some new camera boosters including the worlds smallest model rocket with onboard video :-) a wee 18mm tube finned model. I put it up on a B4-4 with a 9" chute and it cleared the field and then half way up the next hill. thankfully someone was already there and grabbed it for me.

LCO asked it I was ready to go on 3 (larger model camera down D12-3 30" chute. I said ahhh NO I won't launch this one today :-) hehe I also have a couple pics and audio from the competitors briefing and George got some pics as well! Also a neat video of a demo D3 RMS reload from Aerotech!

The videos are at

I love those skidmark motors! CIMG8564.JPG CIMG8617.JPG CIMG8672.JPG
CIMG8725.JPG No the rocket is not skewed like that its the leaf shutter in the camera not being quite fast enough! CIMG8822.JPG CIMG8858.JPG
CIMG8907.JPG CIMG8959.JPG Full Frame almost zero crop! CIMG9134.JPG
Micro Maxx Saturn V World Smallest Model rocket with onboard video
I stuffed one of my little camera's in a tiny 18mm Tube Finned rocket Just because :-)
Visitors. Important rule never fire a rocket at something that can fire rockets back :-) IMG_4221.JPG
IMG_4224.JPG IMG_4225.JPG IMG_4226.JPG IMG_4227.JPG

This is a very large but neat sequence of shots put into an animated gif. Its a Piston Launched Model taking off its 2.83MB so give it time to load

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