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I am going to try to do the webcam thing again this year. I have not had the time to really mess with it so if it happens it will likely be the same as before. a still shot every 10 seconds of so.

IF by some chance I Have the time to figure it out I may try to do something streaming with audio etc.. No guarentees :-)

I very likely will not be able to do anything live from the field sadly. my new cell phone has USB cable drivers that simply do not work with Windows 98 at all. I have spent hours trying to make it work. No Joy :-(

I did get a sporadic bluetooth connection working so I may try to do a few shots here and there. (it was almost as hard to find a bluetooth adaptor that was not "widcomm" driver based to work with 98 since Widcomm drivers simply pissed off windows 98 really badly :-) Finally found a 3Com Bluetooth PC card that "sort of" works with windows 98 :-)