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What new for 2004 !

Not much has changed from last year. Will update the site as often as I can at least once daily as usual. I will try to incorporate more video.

Video is hard. its hard to manage 2 camera's at once. I WANT stills (I like making prints) but everyone including me also enjoyed the videos !!

So I have to pick and choose. if is looks to be an extraordinarily good still shot I am going to lean toward the still camera. if it looks like a mediocre image but could be very interesting video (PMC) I will try to lean toward video.

when its both I will try to set the video on a tripod to get as much as feasible and get the stills. If I know something will be flown twice and its interesting I will do one still and one video so Hopefully I get realy nice stills and video !

I won't be doing much flying again this year so I should have time for TONS of content on the site like last year.

Unless someone comes up with something better the format will stay the same. I just dont have the time or space to do it any other way. Thumbnails just dont work. they DRAMATICALLY increase processing time even with thumbnail software and greatly increases the SIZE of the site ie how many megabytes it takes on the server (example Naram Live 2004 (46) is nearly 300mb !

Remember I have to download - examine - process - sort - crop/edit/resize - compress and format pages for around 1.5gig of images and video per day. I have to do this and have it uploaded amongst the other naram activities and still get enough sleep to wake up the next morning. I will keep with the format I have been using to keep each page no bigger than a megabyte in actual download size so modem users wont be overwhelmed too much.

The Divx worked really well at keeping file sizes down so that will stick around. I hate quicktime and windows media so divx it is :-)

I DO have some new toys I hope to have time to make vehicles to loft with. check out www.multipodaction.com - its a thumb drive with a VIDEO camera built in. little over 5 minutes of 640x480 25fps video !!

I hope to find a lot of victums - err volunteers to let me strap these to rockets too to get some killer video !! :-) I especially want to get some "unique" video - If it works you will find it here :-)

Alas my casio is gone :-( if I can not find a replacement by naram I might not have that many "pad shots" from below like last year.

See you at Naram !