Friday August 5th 2005

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Ok Today was the last day. the sky SUCKED !! nasty super grey overcast ! but even that considering I got some great shots!! here they are. I am EXHAUSTED was even thinking of putting this off till morning but I went and did it anyway so it might be a bit large since I am dumping it on 2 pages 1 for day time pics and one for awards banquet pics. I also have some amazing videos and stuff that will be online tommorrow.

I am pleased that both blackbirds places with Rod Shchafer's new M12/D21 nabbing first !! :-)

Some spectacular splats as well I will add commentary later.

Ok I updated this whole section to be in smaller pages for easier loading :-) Alas still not contest results :-(

Top and bottom left prepping a gorgeous 3 Stage 5 Motor 1st stage Saturn V - IIRC he got 1st place !

a Gorgeous F4 made by the same person who made the SU27 last year. VERY sadly this one also crashed was ductaped and crashed again. A real pitty as it is a very pretty model !

Here is that Saturn V and its Gorgeous Liftoff. those 5 motors are neat looking! Recovery below

A REALLY Nice upscale ! only 2 of the E's lit but it still worked out ok.

Quite a few of these flew. its NOT GSPSC ! its PMC !! I never knew they made Plastic Models that big! They all flew on F20's and I got all of them (one below right) I LOVE the F20 its a very nice motor!

Prepping the very nice but sadly doomed Tomcat

Readying the GIANT Foam cup rocket for one last flight with a 4D12 to Chad Staged 4D12 engine combo! I did not get a picture of this one as I already got a very nice pictures I DID however get a nice Video !! see the vids page!

The Tomcat takes flight !! Gorgeous. it also pranged onto IIRC Performance Hobbies trailer and put quite a sizable HOLE in its metal roof! it was a 32ounce model on 2 D12's it had enough thrust it just arced too early :-(

Caught this little F104 they are small quick little buggers

Prepping the very nice lunar module (only the proper part launches this would quailify for Space Systems) I also caught this 2 Engine model out of a tower (tower launches are hard cause I have to wait even longer to take the shot to clear the tower) It ejected the SRB's ont he way up wuite nice.

Beautifully Done RP-3 that was actually carrying MAIL postmarked that morning.

Chris Kidwell flew his blackbird for another wonderfuly flight garnering him a 3rd place trophy !

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