BEFORE Friday July 29th 2005

Ok folks sorry for the delay. Here is what happened. I found out that White knight and Space Ship one were to be at Oshkosh !!!! So off course no matter the pain and agony of a 1500 mile drive I just HAD TO GO !!!

So I drove the 947 miles to oshkosh sleeping in the van. Spent the night in oshkosh sleeping in the van and the next day at oshkosh.

I then drove another 480 miles to get to Cincinatti for naram arriving about 0830 friday morning. we then went to the Airforce Museum. I got back and spent 4 hours fighting with the WIFI in the hotel going through 4 WIFI Cards (yeah I brought that many in case others needed one to borrow) ONE of them worked !! Finally !!

I started the EDITING that you are about to view. it was huge. I eventually started uploading the imagery (had not even begun the HTML processing) I was so tired I was falling asleep on the keyboard ! so I had to goto bed since I needed to get up at 0630 the next morning !!!

Well as a reward for your patience and understanding in this delay I have for you the fruits of this labor. a CRAP load of pictures from OSHKOSH 2005 with a ton of images of Space Ship One and White Knight. The Global Flyer and MANY other cool planes (B-17's provate planes etc.. etc..) the next several PAGES are the

359 pictures from Day one and 384 pictures from day 2. I JUST dont have time to process much of the video yet. IF I get time I will drop that in as I get it processed.

I have also reformated the page. MOST people are now working in 800x600. it makes the page SO much nicer to use this larger format. this is the first time in nearly 15 years that I have decided to change from my 600 pizel formatting rull. I am now using 760 pixels Let me know what you think I hope most of "you" users are at 800x600 if enough mention that they are not at 800x600 or higher I will work back to the 600pixel wide format. I will still limit each "page" to 1megabyte of images so that slower connection users machines wont have too much of a fit :-) so this oshkosh upload will be 8 pages long ! Some of these pictures are from the TRIP out to oshkosh and the trip to Cincinatti from Oshkosh.

Also Mr Fosset (pilot of global flyer for its non stop unrefueld round the world SOLO flight gave a talk which I recorded I compressed to mp3 for a 9.33mb file (Fossett Talk)