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What new for 2003 !

I have a brand new bigger badder laptop. it will allow me to do nearly anything (heck it does MORE than my desktop) so things should be more interesting and faster and easier for me. this means more content faster for you.

I can also compress and manage images better since now I have more than enough processing power to do what I want. Many times in past I did things less effecient since doing it more effecient on the lesser system just took to much time (such as resizing and recompressing hundreds of images on the fly) now I can do this easily.

I hope to incorporate more video this year. as usual it will be windows media format since it allows VERY high compression levels. they look horrible but with the kind of internet connection I will have onsite it is the only practical way of doing it. this year I do plan to offer VCD or possibly DVD video sets after naram.

Also I have a new cell phone this year. IF everything works out (IE I get signal on the field) I may experiment with actual LIVE content. it will not be instant full motion but throughout the day I will try uploading random small (very slow connection) images of what is happening right then and their on the field as the day passes.

this will happen (if at all) most likely just on the weekend where I get unlimited minutes. I do not have enough minutes to do this frequently during the weeks days but I will try one or 2 uploads a day if possible and I get good connection speeds.

I will create a special section of the site for this. basically just an empty folder where the images will be. I will make a folder for each day. No html to organize it just the raw images (keep it effecient for on field access) If I do multiple uploads their will simply be more files in that days folder.

if connection speed is good in the future I may try live video but this requires server side stuff as well as on field side stuff and gets far more compelx and expensive and this site is out of pocket sooo :-) we will see.

I would love to transmit the auction LIVE on the net but this is not likely to happen this year. Just do not have the equipment time or money. we will see. maybe I can get an audio link going or something.

More later.