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I have just about anything to connect to anything. Firewire, USB, Video capture and I can take any memory card format except XD (so bring an adaptor to download of a cable to connect)

Again this year I will be seeking the help of others to make Naramlive great. I will have more time this year as I will not be doing competition flying or as much sport flying (time and money issues) but pictures from others is what makes naramlive.com great.

As always volunteers will ge full credit for their work (the images are yours after all) and a free CD burn of all images I capture for you during the week for helping out.

You can come by the hotel room or right on the field and I can download for you. this way you will have no limits on the number of pictures you can capture. I have far more HD space than I could possibly use in a week. I will have over 200gigs of capacity with me on hand at naram so no worries.

If you camera requires special software bring it with you or e-mail it to me before the trip (cable at home modem at naram) or e-mail me a download link for it so I can be prepared to accomodate you. Same thing with Cabling. if it uses an odd cable bring it with you. I can link to anything. Parelle, Serial, usb1/2 firewire, pcmcia etc..

Those with Video cameras. I can download your video and even make VCD's for you if you like onsite. I might have DVD making ability onsite but that is iffy (media is expensive and it takes a long time since its done in real time so 2hrs of video takes 2 hrs to process etc..

I can be reached Here