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Finally ALL days are ONLINE and Updated !!

The Scale Model Flights Came out wonderful Lots of Pics ! I am running low on space so when I clear some I have a few other random pictures to put online ! I will post them when the opportunity presents itself.

I would like to Very Much Thank all those that Helped with Pictures in Film and Digital it was a Wonderful Experience and Would NOT have worked as well without your Help !!

I Look forward to doing this again at Naram 42 and making it a LOT Bigger !!  I hope next year to work on having a LIVE real Time Video Feed direct from the field !! I also plan to have my Video Camera working to upload some AVI clips etc..  Maybe even work with Ken to get the Scores for the events uploaded each night with the update !

My SR-71 Flew all three rounds in the RCRG contest and I actually scored a flight time of 51 seconds !!! For a Blackbird this is amazing ! and I was a very happy Sled Pilot :-)

Here are some Mpegs of My Blackbird in Flight !

Boosting off the pad (short)  -  Gliding in for a landing (Very Sweet)

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