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Check back here often for important updates about NARAM, including registration information. We can't wait for August, and we're sure everyone will have a great time. NARAM 47 will be held from July 30 - August 5 2005.

Final NARAM Results Posted!

Check out the Events Page for details!

SpaceShipOne and White Knight are coming to NARAM!

Well, ok, not really, but they are coming to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on Sunday. They are tentatively scheduled to touch down at WPAFB Sunday at 6PM, on its way from the EAA airshow to the National Air and Space Museum. Mike Melville will pilot the craft, and will make a flyby in it over the Wright brothers Memorial on the Air Base Monday morning at around 9.
Event Schedule Updated
The Daily Events listing on the Events page has been updated to reflect a few changes. The NAR Section Officers Meeting has been moved to Tuesday at the request of the NAR Section Activities Chairman, and the FIA Competition Presentation has been added to Saturday night. FAI presenters include Mark Petrovich on Rolling Your Own Body Tubes, James Duffy on Creating a Scale Data Packet, and John Langford on Youth FAI Competition. Don't miss these events!
St Louis Arch Tips
The St Louis Arch fun event rule page has been updated with some tips from QUARK competitors experienced in this event. Check them out and start buying those crepe paper rolls now, local stores are bound to run out quickly!
The menus for the Picnic Social and the Banquet have been tentatively set, and um, boy, can we cook! Check 'em out on the Events page and register for them today!
Evening Event Schedule Posted
The evening event schedule has been posted under the Events section.
Insane Vendor
Jim Flis of Flis Kits has written NARAM 47 with a request to launch this monster foam cup rocket (click for a larger image) on the Sport range on Sunday. As he's not High Power Certified, he's getting a volunteer to load and fire this thing. Who is as crazy as he is?!? Don't miss the fun on the sport weekend, register today!
NARAM.ORG Email System Fixed
Due to a configuration error, the NARAM 47 e-mail system was not delivering mail to the NARAM 47 CD. This error has been corrected, and while he is still slogging through the mountain of back e-mails, our Contest Director will now see all the e-mail you send to him at The NARAM 47 team regrets the error.
Imagination Celebration is GO!
Once again, Rob Edmonds will be hosting the Imagination Celebration just before the Picnic Social at the field. Contact him at to arrange your participation.
Late Registration
If you've waited until the last minute to register for NARAM (and we know you did), it's gonna cost you. As of July 16th, the $20 late fee will go into effect, and the "First NARAM" discount will be dropped. In addition, mail-in registrations will no longer be accepted due to their long processing delay. Instead, pay by PayPal (preferred) or credit card and fax your registration to 513-833-9022. The NARAM 47 team will attempt to process mail-in registrations as quickly as possible, but to insure your place at the NARAM table, fax your registration today!
Sport Rocketry Ad - The ad that appeared in Sport Rocketry was prepared prior to the approval of the NARAM 47 event list by the National Contest Board and the NAR Event Chairman. Those approval processes resulted in changes to the event list, but the ad was not updated prior to publication. The impulse class for the Boost Glide and Helicopter events were swapped, the E motor class for the Dual Egg Loft event was established for A and B Division competitors, and A Rocket Glider was replaced by Research and Development. The events for NARAM 47 are correctly listed on the Events page, along with several Rule interpretations required by the Sporting Code. The NARAM 47 Team regrets the error.
News A list of the bookings at the host hotel for NARAM 47 as of May 13, 2005 is shown at the link below. If you made a reservation at the host hotel prior to this date and your name does not appear on the list, your reservation has not been deducted from the NARAM 47 room block. Either contact the hotel and get the "Queen City Rocket Club" booking code associated with your reservation, or inform us at and we'll take care of it for you.
Note that there are only forty-two (42) rooms booked, but some folks have reported problems securing reservations either in our block of one hundred (100) or during the dates of the event. If this happens to you, please contact the hotel DIRECTLY @ 513-671-6600 to make your reservation. MENTION THE "QUEEN CITY ROCKET CLUB" BOOKING CODE. This will insure that you receive the event rate and that your reservation is debited from the NARAM 47 room block, allowing us to accurately gauge our accommodation needs.

Unreserved rooms in the NARAM 47 block will be released two weeks prior to the event. (July 14) After this date, the event rate will no longer be available and you may not be able to obtain lodging. The NARAM 47 team negotiated long and hard to get this deadline, as the hotel expects to sell out about a month prior the event. To obtain the event rate and assure your lodging preferences, BOOK NOW. Cancellations will be accepted up to one day prior to your arrival without penalty. Click here for the list.

US Spacemodeling 2006 US Spacemodeling Association Team Selection @ NARAM 47!
NARAM 47 has come to a tentative agreement with the Senior and Junior team leaders for the American US Spacemodeling Contest Directors to hold their 2006 team selection fly-offs during our sport fly weekend prior to NAR competition. Stay tuned for more information, and visit the US Spacemodeling Association web site.
Ramada Plaza NARAM Hotel Announced
NARAM 47 is pleased to announce the selection of the event hotel as the Ramada Plaza Cincinnati. Get the details about the location and property details on our Location page.

Interested in donating to NARAM or sponsoring a trophy? Or maybe you want to sell your products? Click here.
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