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Host Section:Pittsburgh Space Command NAR Section #473
Location: Northmoreland Park, Allegheny Twp., PA
Official Host Hotel: Clarion Hotel, New Kensington, PA
FAA Waiver: To 6,000' AGL APPROVED For (K) Motor Limit
Questions: CD Rod Schafer @ rschafer@apollotrust.com or (724)845-7439


We are proud to announce the first NARAM
to be held in Western Pennsylvania!
Registration Forms Here!
Local Area Accommodations
Updates on the Old Rocketeer Reunion!
Catered Picnic at the NARAM-41!
Lists of Rocketry Vendors
NAR National RCRG Championships!
Updates on the Fun Events!
NARAM-41Daily Schedule

Photographs of Northmoreland Park
Maps of Northmoreland Park (will take time to load)
Area for Competition Range (looking south)
Area for Sport Range (looking north)
Contest Preperation Area Pavillion #8
Southwest end of the old runaway
Farm fields in the northwest (additional recovery area)
BMX track (looking east)
Official Links

Here is the official NARAM-41patch!

Designed by our own Art Nestor!
'Interceptor Likeness Courtesy of Centuri Corp. and used with permission'

Click here to read about the PATCH!

1/2A Flex-wing Duration
1/2A Super-Roc Altitude
A Streamer Duration (MR)
A Helicopter Duration (MR)
B Rocket Glider Duration
B Eggloft Duration
C Payload Altitude
Open Spot Landing
Sport Scale
Research & Development


Coordinators:   Rod Schafer (Contest Director) - Administration,
  Personnel Assignment, Banquet Arrangements,Trophies, Hotel
  Accomodations, Banquet Arrangements, Rental Equipment,
  Manufacturers & Vendors
  Dick Freed - Data Reduction & Results/Auctioneer
  Steve Foster - Contest Range Operations/Daily Setup & FAA Waiver
  Andy Nigra - Range Safety Operations
  John Pace - Social Activities/Communications
  MARS #136 - Sport Range Operations

Art Nestor - NARAM-41 Patch Design /ORR Patch Design /NARAM-41 Program /Local Tours & Recreations / NAR Auction Secretary
Jo Ann Karaffa - NARAM-41 WebMaster, Beginners Class Instructor, Advertising: Posters & Flyers , & ORR Activities
Mike Anthony - Beginners Class instructor, ORR Activities
Ian Karaffa - Beginners Class Helper
Jamie Painter - Beginners Class Helper
Harry Schmiedel - Range Store: "Hobby Express"
Mark Cassata - SportScale Check-in
Steve Lubliner (NAR Trustee and Chairman) - High Power Testing and Certification
George Gassaway (NAR Trustee) - Coordinating Radio Control Frequency Channels
Alex Seltsikas and Kevin Creamer - Instructors For "NARAM-41 RC RBG Teaching Program"
Markle Volunteer Fire Dept. - Concession Stand and First Aid
Laurie Foster - Paper Copying
Dave, Chris Rose - Fun Events & Advertising: Posters & Flyers
Rob Carr - Program Work
John Sarosi - Signs
Matt Hornyack - Sport Range Help
Mort Binstock - Sport Range Help
Larry Curcio - ORR Activities
Chris Taylor - Design of Sport Range Flight Card
Christine Rial - Sport Range Help
Matt Wehrle - Sport Range Help
Brandon Cook - Assistant Data & Results Processing
Jim Imes - Sport Range Help
Jeff Hebert - Sport Range Help

Registration: At Hotel and Field (Aug. 6th, 7th, 8th)
Peg Nestor
Sandy Schafer
Linda Freed

Beginners Class Information

This class will show beginners from the age of 10 to 100, how to build a rocket from a kit and how to launch it safely! Classes will be held at 10 AM Saturday August 7 and Sunday August 8. Cost will be $10 and includes the kit, building supplies, the motor and launch fee. Email Jo Ann to register for one of the classes.

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