Research and Development
Preliminary Standings
Updated Fri Jul 31 18:37:48 EDT 2015

PlaceContestantNumberSectionProjectTotal Points
A Division
1Van Milligan,Ashley93487515Effect of Blade Curvature and Angle-of-Attack on Helicopter Descent12880
2Stenberg,Zackary88888519Development of Rockets for Predicted Duration21728
3Avramov,Stoil92988139Robotic Platform for Testing Recovery Systems31152
4Estrada,Ryan923885771/2A Parachute Duration4576
5Richardson,Jay98750748Effect of Nose Cone Shape on Altitude5288
B Division
1Kolland, Benjamin97954534Separation Anxiety: A Plan for Safer Model Rocket Deployment12880
2Stenberg,Alyssa87476519Investigation of Multicopter Technology to Return Rocket Payload Sections21728
3Van Milligan,Allison88840515The Effect of Twisting Helicopter Blades at an Angle on Duration31152
4Coffee,Zach88601482The Effects of Rocket Orientation on Drag During Descent4576
C Division
1Flanigan, Chris17540317Blade Aerodynamics of Helicopter Duration Models12880
2Dunbar,Jonathan34583506Helicopter Recovery Stability and Improved Performance21728
3Stenberg, Jon33875519Development of an RC Steerable Helicopter Duration Model31152
4Van Milligan, Tim35872515Streamlining the Shaping of Airfoils Using a Laser Engraver4576
5Alway,Robert45556500Affordable Giant Sport Scale5288
5Buckley,John62317519Lightweight Hinge Used for Helicopter Duration Models5288
5James, O. Lee15058370Automated Competition Administration Process for Events Sanctioned by the NAR5288
5Justis, Bob22619INDDeveloping Without Discipline: A Study of Apollo 13, STS-107, and PLAYER5288
5Richardson,Vern91272577Piston Launcher Testing5288
T Division
1Altimeter Buddies813INDFurther Studies on Barometric Sensor Based Altimeters12880
2Thunderbirds859519Comparative Performance of Current Altimeters21728
3Pod Bay Doors201523Measuring the Effect of Floating Head Pistons on Total Impulse31152

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