NARAM-55 Schedule of Events



Field Schedule


Hotel Schedule

Friday   No Activities at the field   5-9 pm Registration/check in - Rotunda  
19-Jul           7-8 pm FAI Contestants Social - Amphitheatre
            8-9 pm FAI Contestants Briefing - Amphitheatre
Saturday 9 am - 3pm Registration/check in  7-9 pm Registration/check in - Rotunda  
20-Jul   9 am-6pm FAI Flyoffs   7-9 pm  SNOAR Old Rocketeer Reunion – Paws Club House
    10am-5pm Sport Range   9-11pm Beer Lofting       
Sunday   9 am-5pm FAI Flyoffs   5-7 pm Registration/check in - Rotunda  
21-Jul   9 am-3pm Registration/check in 7-8 pm Opening Ceremonies – McKinley Ballroom
    10am-5pm Sport Range   8-9 pm Mandatory Contestants Meeting - McKinley Ballroom
            9-11pm Scale and R&D turn-in – Grant Ballroom
Monday   9am – 5pm Sport Range   7-9pm NAR Town Hall Meeting – Hayes Ballroom
22-Jul   9am – 5 pm B Streamer Duration            
      1/4A Helicopter Duration            
Tuesday 9 am – 5 pm Sport Range   7-9pm Cannon Auction – Hayes Ballroom  
23-Jul   9 am – 5 pm 1/8A Parachute Duration            
      ½ A Altitude              
Wednesday 9am – 3pm Sport Range   5-7pm Manufacturers Poolside Social  
24-Jul   9am – 1pm C DELA     7-10pm R&D Presentation (A&B) - Amphitheatre
    1pm – 3pm 1/8A Parachute Duration            
      Flyoffs (if needed)            
Thursday 9am – 5pm Sport Range   7-10pm R&D Presentation (C&T) - Amphitheatre
25-Jul   9am – 5pm A Payload Altitude 9-11pm Scale Viewing – Grant Ballroom  
      A Rocket Glider Duration 10-11pm  Scale Pickup – Grant Ballroom  
Friday   9am – 1pm Sport Range   5-6pm Pre-banquet Social – McKinley Ballroom
26-Jul   9am – 1pm Scale      6-10pm Awards Banquet – McKinley Ballroom