Help Support Naram Live

Its not cheap doing this - but I could never charge for it. its too much fun :-) I might do some ad support for real rocketry companies but nothing else I HATE "spamm ads" and crap on websites so I wont be a hypocrite and do it on my site :-)

An idea I did get was to start offering the content I create for sale in a more "polished" form factor. Spiff it up consolidate the content a little and package it nicely

One way is to sell Prints. want a nice print of one of the pictures I took ?
If its doable (some of the rockets are just too small)
$3 will get you an Inkjet print (glossy & can do at Naram) $6 plus shipping will get you an honest to goodness 8x10 photo (not a print! just like from a film camera)

Another way.

Last year I captures more data than I ever did before. over 6 hours of video and nearly 1700 pictures !

So I decided to make a neato disk set to offer for sale at Naram. if I have any left I may sell online to get rid of whats left.

CD Set

Set 1 is a CD set of 2 disks. Disk 1 is the ENTIRE website exactly as it was at the end of Naram last year. One change is I "redid" many of the videos with a higher bitrate so they are not as compressed (there was plenty of space on the disc to allow this)

Disk #2 is a "Video CD" kind of like a DVD - you can put this in most dvd players and it will play just like a DVD does. its the CD version of VHS :-) its also "raw" meaning the actual data from my camcorder you can literally grab the dat files out of the mpegav folder rename them to end in .mpg and that is literally what they are.

This will set you back $10


A Very nice DVD Set ! Full Color cover with 2 DVD's one is a DVD rom and it quite simply every single picture I took at Naram last year (Naram 46) nearly 1700 pictures "unmodified" this means right from the camera's with no editing at all. The Raw Full Resolution Full Quality data.!!

Disk #2 is a DVD Video for your dvd player. It contains close to 6 hours of video. Not so entertaining but good for "history" it contains the entire Townhall Meeting - Bob Canon Auction - A message from Vern and Gleda Estes and the entire Awards Ceremony.

This will set you back $25

I have 20 sets of these to bring to Naram with me. those first 20 who buy this set will get the Option 1 CD set for free.


Let me know what you think and your interest level.


Anyone who has already downloaded my site. thats fine the site is free so is the content the price for the CD set is to cover my costs of making it and a little profit.

If you have already downloaded the site and want to share it with other please go ahead.

Here are the restrictions.

You may not profit from my work. No selling it no transfering any rights to anyone else (feel free to give out anything you want to friends family etc.. just make sure they know its mine and can not profit from it please) if its your rocket and you want to submit to some publication thats fine so long as I get credit for taking the picture.

Most people dont do this. the First DVD has ALL my original "negatives" so to speak. its the unmodified original pictures I took. all of them. for PERSONAL non profit use you are free to do anything you want with these. Post them print them share them I dont mind. so long as its non profit.

If you want to COPY this entire set to give more copies to friends by all means go ahead. I would appreciate you sending them to me but its not required. if you want to make a bunch of copies for your club or something like that I can give discounts or if you want to do it yourself let me know I will send you the files I used to make the disc images and cover art so you can make more that look just like this set.

I used a Canon Pixma series printer to make the covers and an Epson R (R200 or R300 series) printer to print the Discs (no labels here :-) but you can use labels too.

You can get printable DVD's at Sam's club $42 for 100 of them and Printable CDR's at Radioshack $15 for 30 of them. not bad and the result looks stellar :-)

Wish I knew about sams before I did this as I paid 65cents a disc for my printables plus shipping :-). but I got nice Taiyo Yudans (the best)