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What new for 2004 !

Not much has changed from last year. Will update the site as often as I can at least once daily as usual. I will try to incorporate more video.

Video is hard. its hard to manage 2 camera's at once. I WANT stills (I like making prints) but everyone including me also enjoyed the videos !!

so I have to pick and choose. it is looks to be an extraordinarily good still shot I am going to lean toward the still camera. if it looks like a mediocre image but could be very interesting video (PMC) I will try to lean toward video.

when its both I will try to set the video on a tripod to get as much as feasible and get the stills.

I won't be doing much flying again this year so I should have time for TONS of content on the site like last year.

See you at Naram !