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Naram 41 Day 3

    Today for the most part was NOT a good day for me :-) First we overslept till 1015 :-) I just made it for my Range Duty shift :-)  Then I DQ'ed out of both events today C Payload and A Helicopter

    I had an AWESOME Heliroc that shreded and My Payloader went unstable - I flew my Duble Trouble and GO FIGURE perfect flight Estes Shock cord snapped GRRRR and I tried to make my saucer spin down to at least qualify in AHD but it did not go HIGH enough to fall far enough to start Spinning.

    I did not get any pictures (To Busy) BUT Kevin Creamer got some AWESOME pictures of the Naram Field from His Electric Glider with onboard Camera !!!

   Richard Gaff got some AWESOME Pictures as well of People and there Rockets ! The Following have no subtitles so I am just showing the cream of the crop - These are people with there C-Payload or A Helicopter Rockets


    Here are some Sport Range Pictures taken by Richard Gaff (From Saturday toMonday)


ALSO Here is a SCAN of the Newspaper Article Published by the Local Paper in New Kensington