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Naram 41 Day 2

    The First day for me and my roommate did NOT start off good :-) we woke up when the cleaning lady knocked and then realized it was 1030 in the morning !!! OUCH 3 hours of flying Missed !!

    On top of that it Rained for over an hour of the day Canceling flying until it was over.

    1 Hr developing is expensive here So I will not do it EVERY day BUT I did take some pics and will post them when I develop the roll (probably tomorrow) I took some digital pics and Also got some pics from the Flyers Briefing and the Classic Rocket and Fantasy Craftsmanship rocket Fun Events.

George Gassaway and Chad Ring prepare some Reloads for Glider Flights.
Some of the Gliders George and the Others Brought with then to fly For Fun and for the RCRG Contest which was most cancelled today for Rain (Will continue on Thursday)
An Estes Skywinder burns on the pad when the motor CATO's and starts flaming out the side of the motor and through the rocket.
    Then we had the Flyers Briefing with Chad Ring Argueing for clarification on Rules etc.. BUT I personally think most of his points although nitpicking were quite valid :-)
   Here you see 2 Old model rocket in the Classic rocket Fun Event

   One is the Estes Starlight which I found to be quite fascinating and will WANT to duplicate later on :-)

   The other is a Centuri Point which ejects the Engine on a string for Balance and recovers Kind of like a Lifting Body Rigid parachute style.

   Someone flew one at the feild and it actually worked pretty well.

   Left is an Old Mars Snooper Rocket

   To the right is some old Mini Estes Kits

   Above is a Bart Simpson Rocket ICE Sled (Designed to be run on a Guide Wire on LAND ! Very Neat :-) The Sled was in the fantasy craftsmanship fun contest

  This was a VERY Cool Rocket to Behold - It is Held by its Designer Leonard Fehskens.

   To the Right is a Better Picture of this Most magnificent rocket which I plan to build for myself as well !!! The Fins are laminated Balsa-plywood-Balsa

   Then he sanded them so it has a VERY thick Foil to the Fins a REAL nice touch THEN you have the Flawless Finish in Sapphire blue from Testors !

  For Fantasy you have the Retro Rocket and the Nose Cone Eliminator on the left

  For Classic Rocket on the right you have a Saturn 1B and a Gemini Titan

  Here on the Left for Fantasy we have an actually Flying Parasite Superman Glider ! and a Coaster Centauri RG from 1962

  Below we have Verns Estes and his wife - Bad Photo more later !