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Last Day of Naram

This was the Day of Scale R&D and Spot Landing

Here are the Highlights of the day (I am VERY sorry for the long LONG delay in posting I was very busy upon my return with Work and the semester starting soon after)

The Obvious Highlight of the Day was George Gassaway's Space Shuttle

Let me explain this Computerized Radio Control Full Stack Space Shuttle
It has separating SRB's Main Tank and R/C Glider Shuttle Orbiter - Here is a string of pictures of its Not so flawless first flight WHICH he came back to fly again for a FLAWLESS second performance !! and a Lot of Cheers !

    On the First launch the Orbiter failed to Separate from the Main Tank THANKFULLY the main tank DID deploy it recovery system BUT it was not intended to handle the mass of both the Shuttle and Tank So it landed hard Denting the tanking and tearing off an OMES engine and some other damage.
    George and Some others were able to effect flyable repairs and Fly her a second time for a Wonderful and Flawless flight ! Sadly I ran out of Film and was unable to photograph the beautiful landing. - To give you an idea here is the Landing of his Boilerplate model I took from Naram 40 last year...

   The next Notable Flight was a gorgeous Delta III that failed sadly to ignite its 8 Cluster Outboards and Only Lit the Core F-25 which was enough for flight but not enough to recover safely :-(

   Someone else Flew a beautiful Glider Recovery Bomarc that I got lucky enough to catch to very cool mid air Mid Glide Photographs.

    It Nosed in when the wind hit coming around for a landing but was only damaged lightly.


   Here a 2 Stage Wac Corporal takes off.


    To the Right I managed to catch a photo a mere second after it successfully staged and went on to recover just fine ! This was a pretty neat model and IF I recall correctly is a model soon to be released by a new Company !

   I believe this is a model of a  Redstone Taking to the air.



    For some reason I want to say Juno I ???

    For a little Spot Landing Action a Big Bertha launched for the Flag and Ooops ends up going the OTHER way :-)


    Would have won the farthest from Target award I think :-)


    If anyone has any Pictures of the Awards Banquet Please mail them to me !

    Here is an Interesting Picture

Wanna guess what it is ?

    I did not do Very well Competitively this year In fact I did worse this year I DQ'd out of 3 events.

    So to cheer myself up I got up the nerve to fly my Very Special Almost totally STOCK Estes Big Dawg (TINY rocket NOT the big Daddy)

    I said to my Parking Lot neighbor HEY got any large 29mm motors you want to sell I am looking for any Kind of G motor in 29mm to blow?

   Sure here is a G40-10  YUP in goes the Whopping G40-10 into the ESTES BIG DAWG

    MAN what a Boost that and believe it or not it was perfectly stable Not even any roll and I actually got the Nose Cone back Which some Kids found way over in the BMX track :-) Thank you Rick Hackman for this GREAT photo !

    Rock Sim says it did near 800 mph :-) and 6600 feet (Woops Was there a waiver :-)